Smear some essential oils on your baby today and make them feel a lot more healthy. The best essential oils for babies are not like oils you put on for smells. They are scientifically crafted to enhance your baby’s skin, feelings, and reduce stress. Your little one is going to have a sleep like no other. They will not be upset and crying over many different things. When they sleep, they will have a very nice sleep that promotes hair growth and keeps their mind peaceful. Because of, essential oils are widely distributed on the market today. You can find them in many different scented smells and shapes. Read more interesting information about this subject below.

essential oils for babies

Lemon Oils Help Baby’s Sadness

Lemon essential oils can reduce the baby’s sad days. Babies tend to cry and fuss over many little things. Always, complaining about something they can not have or wanting more attention then needed. With that, you need lemon oil to lower the sadness baby feels. The oil alters their internal membranes by penetrating the skin and zap new frequencies to baby brain. Babies are not smart enough to know why they are sad. They just become sad because of all the things that they feel upset them. Calm that little tiger down by wiping some lemon oil on their skin. Put it on a area where they can not put oil in mouth. Oils are not to be eaten. They are for smelling and rubbing on skin only. Apply a little lemon oil on baby and they should be singing the tunes you want them to sing. Their sadness will be no more.

To add more depth, you can try putting the oil daily to help the baby calm down. Some babies, cry a lot more than others. They are always crying and just do not want to stop. There could be something hurting them deep in their minds. Something that just wants to make them cry excessively. Add a little lemon oil to the skin and hopefully that reduces the pain in their minds. Babies do not know how to think. They could be dealing with some type of nightmare or unknown mental pain. In any event, prepare your baby from any mental event by applying the lemon oil daily.

Some Oils Help Baby With Inside Body Problems

Some essential oils reduce pains baby have inside their bodies. Pains like slow digestion, gas, diarrhea, and bloating will be reduced greatly. Babies are new to the world and their bodies take time to adapt to the new foods and smells that come in it. Apply the best essential oils for babies with digestive help to fix. Baby intestines will feel smoother and become less reactive tot eh foods that come in contact. You won’t have to take the baby to the hospital either. Think about how much money you could save by helping the baby remove things that would require expensive medication. It’s a win win no matter how you look at it. Oil is not going to go on outside anyway. All essential baby oils are made to go on the skin. For this reason, give essential oils a chance.

Lavender Oils Reduce Itchy Symptoms

Most, babies have an itch problem that needs a fix. Try using lavender oils to help their skin be less irritated and wanting to itch. The tiniest of mosquito bites and scratches can cause them to itch. If your the parent who has a kid who itches a lot, I suggest you get the oil to do something about it. Do away the red marks and infected spots from things you don’t quite get. Smear some lavender oil every time they have a irritation. Do this twice a week too if you feel you need to. That should be enough to help them block all interference trying to damage skin. In time, you won’t see your baby scratching. Look at a baby that has smooth unitchy skin.

You just brought your baby home and you notice there is something wrong with their skin immediately. There are are some spots on the skin that are quite alarming. Eczema spots to be more in detail. Now, you run around looking online and asking questions. Fearing for the worse and wondering why these spots cause your baby to cry so much. Fortunately for you, this event you experience has been experienced by previous mothers. I am going to tell you what they told me. Let their advice guide you in finding the best way possible to treat babies with eczema.

Bath the Baby Frequently

One way to treat babies with eczema well is to wash them frequently each week. Wash them at least once a day each week. Wipe under their skin and reach every crack of their body. Stop the eczema from getting worse and maybe cause it to go away. Understand, their skin is not like normal body skin. Eczema skin itches faster and needs more moisture go down in levels. In my own opinion, you should wash the baby with best baby shampoo and wash for eczema while bathing. These shampoo are equipped with many different natural ingredients that can help the baby’s skin have balance moisture and superior defense. Moisture and hydration is going to leave the baby’s body many times due to eczema. Make that problem go away by putting eczema shampoo on their skin.

Bacteria from eczema is trying to spread to to other parts of the baby’s body. This is not something you want to happen. As it spreads, more parts of the baby will itch. Making the late night screams even worse late night screams. Avoid all this, by washing the baby’s skin daily and applying shampoo that helps eczema disease go down. The disease does not have a cure currently. In the beginning stages, you really want to do things to stop the disease from spreading. Trap it where it stands by doing what is necessary.

Consider Using Bath Oil and Shampoo for Eczema

For every bath, add a little bit of eczema bath oil to the bath water. You can add best baby shampoo and wash for eczema as an alternative soap. Moisture is constantly leaving the baby’s body. Oil tries to take put more hydration in baby’s skin and keep skin hydrated at different times of day. For instance, Mustela’s Stelatopia Bath Oil is a very enriched oil for eczema prone skin. Equipped with avocado oil, sunflower oil, and chamomile extract. Peferfect mix of ingredients to give your baby the highest defense in skin itch. Trust, all types eczema oil to give your baby above average shampoo skin protection and irritation block.

Make Them Wear Ultra Soft Clothing

If using the best eczema shampoo oil not working on baby skin, you might want to try changing their clothes to soft material. Does not always work. But, it can make them less itchy when the fabric rubs up against the eczema spots. Cover their arms and legs with long soft clothes. Short clothes will not protect thier itchy skin from wind and rain contact. Make their walking and living experience easier by giving them clothes that won’t touch them close. By the way, clothes tend to move when its windy. So, clothes have the possibility to scratch the eczema on the baby’s skin. Switch to very soft clothes to help the baby not notice any pain while walking or being exposed to wind. Help your baby in all ways you can. Above all, getting your baby feel less pain with softer clothes is what matters.

Football is one of the most dangerous contact sports that most Americans love to participate in. Reports indicate that a single player can receive as much as 1500 hits to the head during a single season. With every hit, the probability of having a concussion is highly probable. As such several studies have established a link between football and traumatic brain injuries, such as Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy or CTE. A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association clearly links such a condition to repetitive head traumas as a result of head collisions when playing football. Wearing one of the best football helmets could have been a way to limit head and neck injuries. If you read on you will find some interesting tips on how to use a football helmet to get the best protection from doing so.

In the specified study, the researchers examined the brains of 202 dead people who had played football at various levels (from high school to the NFL). The brains used in the study were donated to a brain bank at Boston University for further study. The researchers who analyzed the brains for signs of CTE also spoke with the player’s family members concerning the history of the deceased football player.

The study revealed that 87% of the players have CTE. 99% of the 111 NFL players had CTE, however. The study also indicated that as the players played, even more, the CTE symptoms they displayed also progressed. What is even more alarming is the fact that even the NFL’s senior vice president for health and safety, Jeff Miller, admits that there is a link between such a brain condition and football.

Head-related injuries are not common only in football. Statistics proved that there are about 3.8 million sports-related concussions that occur in the United States every year. But as a high-impact collision is most common in football, there is a great probability that every youth, adult, even professional football player gets hit in the head every single game. Without an appropriate head cover, the effect of the impact could be life-threatening. A concussion is a common occurrence in football, especially in professional football.

If your children are participating in this sport, they will always be required to wear the appropriate helmet. There are instances that you have to buy one either for you or your kids, however. If you are on the lookout for one, your first question might be, “what could be considered the best concussion-proof football helmet?”

Cleveland Clinic Certified Athletic Trainer Bob Gray says that there is not one helmet that can prevent concussion. For the best protection, what athletes or players need is “proper hitting, tackling, and blocking technique,” he adds.

Even then, any football player needs to wear a helmet as it is safety protection that limits the possibility of experiencing serious injuries, like the skull and facial fractures, eye injuries, penetration injuries, as well as brain bleeding. What gives most football players and their loved ones is the fact that all football helmets do a great job of providing the protection required in a contact sport such as football.

However, there could still be a possibility that you could be wearing one or be picking an inappropriate football helmet? But how do you know if it is the right helmet? How do you find the right-fitting helmet?

Here are some of the things that you need to do to make sure that you or your child will be wearing the helmet that fits right on the head.

  • Make sure that the helmet meets NOCSAE standards. The National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE) is the organization that certifies whether helmets and other athletic gear are safe. You’ll find the NOCSAE see stamped on the back of the helmet you choose. While using a NOCSAE sealed helmet, make sure that you won’t alter the helmet in any way. Any change you make will invalidate the certification.
  • Be mindful of the size of the helmet that you will choose. Even though each helmet brand comes with a sizing chart and instructions for fitting and helmet care, there may still be a possibility that you may choose an ill-fitting helmet. To find the helmet that will fit well, make sure to measure the athlete’s head circumference with a tape measure. Wrap the tape measure about an inch above the eyebrows. Use the measurement to choose the proper helmet size. For a size of a helmet that will fit a measurement that is between sizes, go with the smaller one.
  • Make sure that you try the helmet on to make sure that it fits well on you or whoever will wear the helmet for a proper fit. Pull the helmet in position and make sure that the helmet feels comfortable even when worn after some time. It should sit well on the forehead and should not move or slide as you move. It should not be too tight or not too loose. If applied pressure, it should feel evenly distributed and not concentrated on any part of the helmet. Ask a more experienced wearer of the helmet to help you or your child when fitting helmets. You should also remember that a helmet should fit well and secure even without fastening its straps.
  • Choose a model with a style that feels and fits right. Every head requires a different-fitting helmet. That is why it is important that you let the one who would be wearing the helmet to choose the right model and style he or she would like to wear. Just make sure that everything about the helmet is resting where it should be.
  • Have your helmet re-conditioned after every use. Make sure that you have a NOCSAE-licensed reconditioner has recertified your helmet before reusing it. Reconditioned helmets are also sealed on its back to indicate that it passed recertification. This is usually done after a year or two.

It may take some time to find the best football helmet, but it will be always worth the effort as your concern will be the safety of the wearer.

Gramma turned 56 this past May 4th. We had a nice dinner at Kevin & Karen’s place and Gramma got to share her “blowing the candles” with her two grandkids – the most spoiled grandkids in the world!!!

The two of them are going to have a lot to learn and A LOT of competition if Aunt Karen has a baby girl come November 2007!!!

Daddy had to go to Salt Lake City Utah this evening so before he went he took JT for a walk in the woods to see the TURTLE (he saw it in the woods the day before, i guess he assumes he’ll see it every time now). Daddy then finished packing and we took him to the airport. JT was so excited to see the airplanes, but unfortunately he fell asleep on the way there – we thought about waking him – but we were afraid he wouldn’t get a good nap in (and we all know he’s not a nice boy when he’s tired).

JT woke about halfway home from the airport and immediately asked where Daddy was – I said he was flying in a big airplane – JT was quiet – then looked out the window and saw an airplane waaaay up in the sky and then he said “THERE HE IS!”. He was then satisfied that Daddy was okay.

When we got home we hung around outside, Mommy was washing down the porch with the water hose – and then we saw him… THE BIGGEST LIZARD WE’VE EVER SEEN!! Look at him – he’s HUGE!! JT was fascinated with him – followed him all around the front yard until he ran away for good. Luckily Mommy got pics … JT now asks to see the SNAKE picture on Mommy’s computer (that’s how big that sucker was!!!!).

Mommy had to visit the Ocala and Orlando call centers for work – so we made it an extra long weekend and visited Mommy’s extended family, brought Gramma (Mamer if you ask JT) with us and spent Mother’s Day in the Ocala National Forest – right on Lake George (2nd largest lake in FL). We brought all 3 4wheelers down with us and went riding through the forest on miles of trails – Kim’s cousins loved this part, they took off on them and stayed gone for a while. Family for the most part was on good behavior – JT, he was AMAZINGLY well behaved!!!! I think his favorite part was going to Juniper Wayside and swimming – there are alligators here – so we warned him, we didn’t see any but he did see alligator poop (it was really seaweed slime – barry corrected me and told me it was SLIME – swimming by but we told him it was alligator poop and that seemed to quench his curiosity of wanting to see an alligator – he talked about that alligator poop for 4days).

Daddy went back home to Georgia on Sunday while Mommy, Gramma and JT went on to stay at a hotel in Lake Mary for Sunday/Monday night so Mommy could spend a day each at the two call centers. This left Gramma and JT to their own devices during the day. Not sure what it is about hotels and kids – but 2min upon arrival and JT was already jumping on the bed. He thought it was cool to be up so high and able to see the hotel pool – he even got to see “ice rain”… a quick storm came through and brought some hail with it – so he thought that was pretty neat – we watched it from room window.

He helped Gramma with chores (laundry) and entertained himself in the hotel room most of day on Monday (because it was raining) – Monday afternoon he finally got to go swimming – then mommy came home and we went to visit and have dinner with her cousin Tristan (she’s currently attending UCF). JT was a little rough at dinner – obviously had hit his limit of cabin fever – he was acting up at dinner table, so we went back to hotel immediately after dinner and made it a fairly early night.

Tuesday while Mommy was at work – JT and Gramma went for some “little gym” time – a gym dedicated to toddlers – then they cruised the “Disney strip” – but JT fell asleep and didn’t get to see much of it – after touring Orlando by way of carseat – JT picked up Mommy and headed back to Georgia. We were supposed to stay another night and leave in morning, but decided JT had hit his limit on hotels – and the long ride home would be better for him if at night – that way he’d go ahead and sleep most of it. So we stopped and let him wear himself out for an hour or so at a playground and off we went. Luckily the interstate was not shut down and we were home and in our own beds by 3am!!! (on Sunday barry had to take a very LONG way home because both i75 and i10 were shut down due to visibility levels from the wildfires in north Florida and south Georgia).

Daddy in Salt Lake City, Gramma’s birthday, Mother’s Day in Ocala, and Hotels in Orlando… this started our month of May – it’s BOOKED SOLID. Saturday Mammy and Pap and two of Barry’s uncles come in to town – they’ll be going to the ATT Classic Golf Tournament on Sunday. Barry then heads to Boston on Monday – then Pap’s birthday then we’ve got a 3 day Memorial day weekend to work around the house. Then Barry and I are off to Albuquerque, New Mexico… for a getaway for TWO to celebrate Barry’s birthday!!! and JT gets a vacation of his own, spending a few days with Mammy and Pap – OH WOW !!!

June is starting to look just as busy…. Father’s Day, Aunt Karen’s Birthday… gardening, oh my!

We’ve been going at the speed of light – June & July – all but GONE!?! Kim’s been posting online – but hasn’t gotten around to updating her own site. From MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr, and tons of other community based sites – it’s hard to keep up with them all.

So everyone knows, Kim’s doing better now, she threw her back out in late June, with lots of physical therapy and 2 visits to out-patient for a total of 3 epidurals – she’s now back at work fulltime and no longer sitting in the corner stoned out-of-her-mind on painkillers and muscle relaxers.

July brought a visit from Kim’s family in Florida – her aunt Paula and cousin Hank. Hank leaves for Airforce bootcamp on August 8th – you’re in our thoughts Hank!!!

The following weekend Barry’s parents came for a visit – they got to see JT swimming at the YMCA – he liked the water when they were here – all I can say is we’ll have to officially call this the summer of water – because the kid is a FISH now. No he’s not full on swimming, yet, but he’s all over the place, will hold on to our necks and do full laps above and below water and has his own goggles and now swims in kiddie end all by himself and has no problem spending THREE HOURS at a time in the pool.

Barry also played his first round of golf that weekend ever. He went with his father and needless to say he’s now a tad hooked. JT, being the Daddy’s boy he is, now has his own golf club too and if Daddy’s practicing then JT’s practicing too. They both have it good because Pup chases down every ball and now she even BRINGS THEM BACK!!

With all the family in town Barry’s had a few good excuses for some 4wheeling, so he’s hit the trails a few times in the past few weeks – and most recently we took a family day and actually got some use out of our season passes to The Georgia Aquarium. JT was STOKED!! He LOVED the aquarium. Gramma got he and Tater both a bag of “under the sea” creatures and JT can name every one of them!! (and he can recall seeing them at the aquarium – kissing the octopus, hugging the penguins, watching the sea otters fight… i could go on and on).

Well, that’s about it for now – the boys (Barry and JT) will be back shortly – Barry just got back from a business trip to California so they are out spending some guy time – they were talking about going to the movies – and Mommy got to get a pedicure – she’s supposed to head in to Atlanta for a baby shower tomorrow – hopefully she makes it (please do not be mad Megan if do not make it – I have not seen my husband in a week – so it may be a family day!!!)

We are about Summer’ed OUT – the heat and Georgia draught have not been great for our garden, but we have gotten plenty of tasty potatoes, tomatoes, zuchinni and squash!!! Time for Fall.

We officially call this the summer of water for JT – without any swimming lessons and really not much from us – he’s practically swimming on his own – it’s really beautiful. The outdoor pool at the YMCA closes officially for the Summer on Labor Day – so Barry had the idea of going to get a cheap underwater camera and getting some photos of all JT’s skills. Though the camera was a $10 cheapy from the drugstore and pics may be a bit grainy – they are insanely beautiful (at least we think – we are a tad bias though).

Hank is Kim’s cousin, and currently in TX going through Air Force boot camp. We called his mom and dad to get his address so we could send him a letter. We wanted it to be memorable. Barry always talks about when he was in Naval boot camp having to “drop and give me 50″ when he opened a package from his Uncle Tom and it contained a Navy Seal Teenage Mutant Ninya Turtle.

Soo, we have sent the following to Hank (hopefully he gets it in time, it actually goes out in mail today):

Dear Hank:

We found the doll you left at our place earlier this summer. We bought her some clothes (that way you are not embarrassed if your Sarge happens to see). We’re not sure how you’ve made it this long without her; we know how much she means to you.

HaHa – SMILE – Score Silers

We are so proud of you Hank!! Keep your head up and keep going – you should be proud of yourself too!! Barry says you should take orders outside of US – go see the world Hank – you only live once!!! Know we are thinking of you, we love you and are pulling for you!!

GO PINK!!! (for some reason JT has not understood Hank’s name – he calls him PINK!)

Love Always,
Kim, Barry & JT & Pig & Peach & Dan & Pup

PS –
It was very hard for JT to send this away – he likes her hair too!!

Sorry for not posting in a while, like always, we’ve been busy Busy BUSY!! Mommy’s been working on building the photography business, Daddy’s been holding down the fort and JT, well, he’s just been growing and Growing. His vocabulary is off the charts – he talks ALL THE TIME. When we do have an opportunity to get a word in, we are so speechless at what he just said that we miss our opportunity.

JT’s also very navigationally inclined – he knows every inch of town and every way to get around it – so if we make a turn that isn’t on the way to where we told him we we’re going we get an immediate “Where you goin?”, “Mommy, what you doin?”, or “Daddy, no turnin”. It only takes one trip somewhere and he’s got it in his head – as we drive by somewhere he’s only been ONE TIME, we hear “Park is that way Daddy!”. With all the commuting we do, this is all we need… a THIRD backseat DRIVER!!

We’re now gearing up for the Holidays… first up HALLOWEEN!!!!

Them SillySilers