Not Having Any Love Is Unconditional like a Parent's Love for a Child.

100 Things U May Not Know

1. We carpool and commute 2hrs one way to work each day (75miles – yes, it takes 2hrs on a good day).
2. We got married in a courthouse on dec 7, 2004.
3. Dec 7 is also the anniversary of the “Bombing of Pearl Harbour”
4. He wore khakis to courthouse. She wore bibbed overalls. She put his ring on the wrong hand during the “ceremony”. We have only one picture of us together that day – taken by the magistrate while holding our marriage license.
5. We ate dinner at a Slovakian restaurant directly after ceremony.
6. We met online –, he lived in nashville, she lived in atlanta. We know several others who have met online and married.
7. He was raised in the country, She was raised in the city – neither really “fit” in either
8. He is an Air sign, she is a Fire sign, and JT is an Earth Sign
10. We live in canton, about 45miles north of atlanta
11. He likes to play video games. She likes to work on their website.
12. Their pride and joy was born on Dec 29, 2004 – JT Siler
13. We like to laugh. We laugh a lot.
14. We like to fight – slap box to be exact – she’s better at blocking – he’s better at slapping
15. She wears red low-top chuck taylors and 10yr old brown low-top doc martins.
16. She considers herself Agnostic. He considers himself a Moral Realist.
17. We think we’d be good candidates for “The Amazing Race”
18. She spent 1 month in Yaoundi, Cameroon, AFRICA. He was in Navy for 4yrs and has been all over the world
19. Growing up, women always had a thing for Him, many thought She had a thing for women.
20. Her best friend is a gay male.
21. She confronts, he reasons, both despise conforming.
22. She’s a Reality TV junky. He’s a History Channel geek.
23. He’s addicted to his iPod, she cant because hers isn’t working.
24. We have a monthly subscription to
25. She likes to debate (he’ll tell you she likes to ARGUE). He’d rather take a nap.
26. We work hard, but play MUCH harder.
27. JT is more mature than either of them
28. She’s never grown a vegtable before, She has 3 tomato plants that she checks daily for tomatos.
29. He likes to be groomed like a monkey. She gags at the thought.
30. She can’t stand to be wrong, He never knows what it is like to be right.
31. She gets new hats, He gets her hand me downs, JT hates all hats. We have at least 30 hats between us
32. We rarely ever put shoes on JT. JT’s feet are always sticky and sweaty.
33. She lost her virginity at 15, He lost his at 19
34. Licorice is our 8yr old black lab, Lick, Licky, Lic-Lic, likes Him better than Her. But lic was Her dog before they ever met.
35. He is baby of the family. She is the oldest of all her cousins.
36. JT is Her Mom’s and His Dad’s first Grandchild, JT is the first of his generation to carry the Siler name.
37. The first house we lived in together was across the street from a drug/prostitution corner lot. We skipped out on our lease a few months into lease, in the middle of the night.
38. We drink a lot of Kool-Aid, cherry is our favorite flavor. We used to drink a lot of margaritas – frozen strawberry was our favorite flavor.
39. Using the bathroom used to be sacred – it’s now a community event.
40. We used to stay up all hours of the night. Now we rarely are up past 10pm.
41. TIVO has kept us sane.
42. Time together is sacred, time apart is scarce.
43. We’ve already purchased a rope-ladder for JT to use going to and from his 2nd floor bedroom.
44. He’s a loner, She’s a socialite, and JT’s his own little man.
45. We screen our phone calls.
46. Next to birth of JT – our best day together was a day hike up Angel Rocks then a dip in Chena Hot Springs, just outside of Fairbanks, Alaska.
47. He has a 4wheeler, She wants her own, JT has a Radio Flyer ATW (All Terrain Wagon)
48. We both want our own Harley within the next 10yrs
49. Milk products gives Her gas
50. He chews tobacco
51. Loud noises never scare JT and ALWAYS scare Licorice
52. It always feels like people are staring at us
53. He likes DIY (do-it-yourself), she likes to delegate
54. When mad, He pokes out his chin, She grinds her teeth, and JT growls
55. Since we’ve been together – we have taken over 5000 photos
56. She works in wireless phone industry, He works in wired phone industry. Between us, we have 8 direct phone numbers we can be contacted at.
57. We went to a “prom” themed, primarily gay, dressup birthday party, we dressed as young pregnant hillbilly prom couple. Three weeks later we found out we were pregnant.
58. She hates to touch raw meat. She wore rubber gloves while preparing Thanksgiving turkey dinner.
59. He’s Republican, she’s a Democratic Liberal Republican.
60. If either of us have a really bad day – we deem that night “pizza and beer” night, only the one that had the bad day can drink beer.
61. Between us, we have at least 20 boxes of books.
62. She’s a morning person, he’s a night person.
63. He takes longer showers than her.
64. He still does not know who she voted for President 2004.
65. They both had mullets in High School.
66. They show their boogers to each other for “wow-factor” (”…wow, look at this one!!!”). They then wipe them on the other.
67. JT likes for his boogers to stay in his nose (in other words – he doesn’t like for anyone to touch his nose).
68. JT has one living Great-Grandparent, Her Grandfather. They have not met yet.
69. We both are very intrigued by International travel, one day we’ll be able to afford it (hhhmm … Italy, France, Germany, Thialand, India … WOW!).
70. He still loves his IPOD, she couldn’t get her’s working so he took her’s fixed and listened to his book’s on her’s and listens to music on his.
71. For some reason our TV comes on by itself at exactly 8:15 PM on the VH1 country channel and we don’t know why.
72. He can poop anywhere, she can only poop at home.
73. He will carry on conversations from the stall at work, she goes to a completely different floor at work and if anyone comes in she stops what she is doing and leaves so they don’t recognize her shoes.
74. She will pick her nose and get one of those dry, crusty ones and scratch him with it, yelling “Freddy-Booger”(like Freddy Kruger from the Nightmare on Elm Street movies)