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Football is one of the most dangerous contact sports that most Americans love to participate in. Reports indicate that a single player can receive as much as 1500 hits to the head during a single season. With every hit, the probability of having a concussion is highly probable. As such several studies have established a link between football and traumatic brain injuries, such as Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy or CTE. A

Gramma turned 56 this past May 4th. We had a nice dinner at Kevin & Karen’s place and Gramma got to share her “blowing the candles” with her two grandkids – the most spoiled grandkids in the world!!! The two of them are going to have a lot to learn and A LOT of competition if Aunt Karen has a baby girl come November 2007!!!

Daddy had to go to Salt Lake City Utah this evening so before he went he took JT for a walk in the woods to see the TURTLE (he saw it in the woods the day before, i guess he assumes he’ll see it every time now). Daddy then finished packing and we took him to the airport. JT was so excited to see the airplanes, but unfortunately he fell

Mommy had to visit the Ocala and Orlando call centers for work – so we made it an extra long weekend and visited Mommy’s extended family, brought Gramma (Mamer if you ask JT) with us and spent Mother’s Day in the Ocala National Forest – right on Lake George (2nd largest lake in FL). We brought all 3 4wheelers down with us and went riding through the forest on miles

We’ve been going at the speed of light – June & July – all but GONE!?! Kim’s been posting online – but hasn’t gotten around to updating her own site. From MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr, and tons of other community based sites – it’s hard to keep up with them all. So everyone knows, Kim’s doing better now, she threw her back out in late June, with lots of physical

We officially call this the summer of water for JT – without any swimming lessons and really not much from us – he’s practically swimming on his own – it’s really beautiful. The outdoor pool at the YMCA closes officially for the Summer on Labor Day – so Barry had the idea of going to get a cheap underwater camera and getting some photos of all JT’s skills. Though the

Hank is Kim’s cousin, and currently in TX going through Air Force boot camp. We called his mom and dad to get his address so we could send him a letter. We wanted it to be memorable. Barry always talks about when he was in Naval boot camp having to “drop and give me 50″ when he opened a package from his Uncle Tom and it contained a Navy Seal

Sorry for not posting in a while, like always, we’ve been busy Busy BUSY!! Mommy’s been working on building the photography business, Daddy’s been holding down the fort and JT, well, he’s just been growing and Growing. His vocabulary is off the charts – he talks ALL THE TIME. When we do have an opportunity to get a word in, we are so speechless at what he just said that

While at Aunt Karen’s baby shower this weekend I overheard my brother telling somone about this photo sequence of JT inching his way to a girl (our neighbor’s daughter, Angie). It aptly shows how goo-goo this boy goes over girls. I decided to bring that sequence back and officially pull it into one image using some of my old skool photoshop skillz. The image is still a little sloppy, i