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How to Make Baby Gain Weight Fast

For skinny children, parents will find ways to help them gain weight fast, often choosing the solution is to eat more, buy expensive milk to supplement nutrition. However, not having to eat a lot will gain weight but have specific methods, and the following article will share those tips.

1. The secret to fast weight gain for babies fast and effective

Currently, there are many types of milk and weight gainers on the market, but the abuse of drugs will affect health later, so parents should not choose those drugs but instead use them. the methods below.

Create a delicious baby feeling 

Many young mothers do not know how to cook, so cook for it, regardless of whether the food is delicious or not.

Children and adults, when eating delicious, the baby will eat more and like to eat more, so moms should practice cooking delicious food to stimulate the baby’s appetite.

Mothers should choose to cook nutritious dishes like meat, fish, vegetables. Also give your baby extra fruit to complement vitamins and minerals.

Diverse meals for babies

If the mother keeps feeding a baby continuously for many days, it will create a feeling of fear of eating, so diversify the meal so that the baby will be more excited.

Many mothers are lazy to cook, so they go to buy nutrition porridge, but the porridge, the more they eat, it will be very big so the baby will be very scared when it comes to meals. Instead, moms should cook delicious food at home, constantly changing so your baby will feel good.

However, the mother must ensure the nutrition for each meal, all four groups of starches, fats, proteins and vegetables for the baby to grow well.

Add nutrition to food

For the convenience of providing nutrition, mothers should add to their baby’s daily foods, this will save time and they will not have the feeling of force-feeding constantly.

For example: For things like soup, porridge, you can add some butter, smoothie fruits, cheese.

Give your baby age-appropriate nutritious milk types, which are fortified with plenty of nutrients to help you gain weight quickly. Note that breastfed babies under 6 months should breastfeed.

Divide into several small meals

For adults, there will be three meals that are breakfast, lunch, dinner. However, for children, this method should not be used because forcing a child to eat a full meal will be frightening, instead of dividing into 5, 6 times a day would be better.

In addition, with the right amount of food helps the stomach work better, the digestive system is more stable.

Add yogurt to your baby

Yogurt is a food rich in gut bacteria, not only for adults but also for children.

When making a smoothie for babies, they can add 1 or 2 tablespoons of yogurt, this helps the baby’s calorie content significantly increase.

Above are ways to help your baby gain weight fastest by natural methods. The mother should not give children weight gain drugs offline.

2. Is weight gain fast dangerous?

There are many children who want to gain weight, there are also those who suddenly gain weight without knowing why, this is also a sign that the body is developing abnormally. However, it is a small case that most children gain weight because of good absorption and this is not worrying.

Currently obese children are very much because their parents feed their children too much nutrients, the excess fat in the body makes the body swell. There are also some cases that are inherited, if the parents are fat, the childbirth rate is very high.

Therefore, it is best to take your baby to see a doctor if he feels that he is gaining weight too quickly to timely detect it due to illness or the body’s good absorption of nutrition.