JT liked the parade but he was a little tired before it was even over. But he made it and even came home with a pop gun, a wooden frog, a pellet filled snake, AND a pocket full of candy. He liked going to Ms. Lynn’s house and seeing all her baby kittens, and turtle in the pond.

We all had a really good time, the drive home was MONSTER thunder storms, but perfect weather at the parade. It was a long LONG day … started at 8am at the Jasper Farmer’s Market after talking Gahmer in to going with us (after she worked all night). Then Barry had to come home and fix something at work that was down, some phone switch or mail or something – then we picked up Ms Lynn (CROMIE!!!) and headed down to the parade. Afterwards we stopped by Trader Joe’s while in midtown (Kim is addicted to this place), then stopped by Cromer’s work so she could help a vendor – THEN THE RAIN BEGAN… but we dropped Ms Lynn and Gahmer off safe and sound … and came home to RELAX!!! whew!!

If you’ve never been to Inman Park Parade – you really should make a point to go one year. Lots of fun!!


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