We’ve been going at the speed of light – June & July – all but GONE!?! Kim’s been posting online – but hasn’t gotten around to updating her own site. From MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr, and tons of other community based sites – it’s hard to keep up with them all.

So everyone knows, Kim’s doing better now, she threw her back out in late June, with lots of physical therapy and 2 visits to out-patient for a total of 3 epidurals – she’s now back at work fulltime and no longer sitting in the corner stoned out-of-her-mind on painkillers and muscle relaxers.

July brought a visit from Kim’s family in Florida – her aunt Paula and cousin Hank. Hank leaves for Airforce bootcamp on August 8th – you’re in our thoughts Hank!!!919506156_7afb13a9a6_m

The following weekend Barry’s parents came for a visit – they got to see JT swimming at the YMCA – he liked the water when they were here – all I can say is we’ll have to officially call this the summer of water – because the kid is a FISH now. No he’s not full on swimming, yet, but he’s all over the place, will hold on to our necks and do full laps above and below water and has his own goggles and now swims in kiddie end all by himself and has no problem spending THREE HOURS at a time in the pool.

Barry also played his first round of golf that weekend ever. He went with his father and needless to say he’s now a tad hooked. JT, being the Daddy’s boy he is, now has his own golf club too and if Daddy’s practicing then JT’s practicing too. They both have it good because Pup chases down every ball and now she even BRINGS THEM BACK!!

With all the family in town Barry’s had a few good excuses for some 4wheeling, so he’s hit the trails a few times in the past few weeks – and most recently we took a family day and actually got some use out of our season passes to The Georgia Aquarium. JT was STOKED!! He LOVED the aquarium. Gramma got he and Tater both a bag of “under the sea” creatures and JT can name every one of them!! (and he can recall seeing them at the aquarium – kissing the octopus, hugging the penguins, watching the sea otters fight… i could go on and on).

Well, that’s about it for now – the boys (Barry and JT) will be back shortly – Barry just got back from a business trip to California so they are out spending some guy time – they were talking about going to the movies – and Mommy got to get a pedicure – she’s supposed to head in to Atlanta for a baby shower tomorrow – hopefully she makes it (please do not be mad Megan if do not make it – I have not seen my husband in a week – so it may be a family day!!!)

We are about Summer’ed OUT – the heat and Georgia draught have not been great for our garden, but we have gotten plenty of tasty potatoes, tomatoes, zuchinni and squash!!! Time for Fall.

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