Piggy is missing. She went out as usual about 3am Thursday morning, 7/24 and she did not return as normal with the other three dogs. They usually go “hunting” in the woods behind our house, several acres of land.

The four of them are pretty tight – i know four dogs is a lot, but everyone got along and all were dogs that we either rescued or got as puppies from someone giving them away in front of a walmart or at the farmer’s market.

Piggy came from Walmart parking lot, with her sister Peach. They look exactly alike exept Piggy has four white paws, Peach has 1 (and a bum leg, but that’s another story). Piggy was officially “my dog” – a pseudo replacement for my black lab, Licorice, whom i had to put down about 2yrs ago this November.

If anyone local reads this blog – please contact me if you have seen my Pig. I’ll definitely give a REWARD!!!

bloodhound/boxer mix
4white paws, white chest, white spot on nose (if she’s dirty with ga red clay, you will not see this)
severe under-bite, strong back legs
sweet as pie

i miss her – i hope she shows up soon. i’ll be posting signs today throughout the countryside.

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