Mommy had to visit the Ocala and Orlando call centers for work – so we made it an extra long weekend and visited Mommy’s extended family, brought Gramma (Mamer if you ask JT) with us and spent Mother’s Day in the Ocala National Forest – right on Lake George (2nd largest lake in FL). We brought all 3 4wheelers down with us and went riding through the forest on miles of trails – Kim’s cousins loved this part, they took off on them and stayed gone for a while. Family for the most part was on good behavior – JT, he was AMAZINGLY well behaved!!!! I think his favorite part was going to Juniper Wayside and swimming – there are alligators here – so we warned him, we didn’t see any but he did see alligator poop (it was really seaweed slime – barry corrected me and told me it was SLIME – swimming by but we told him it was alligator poop and that seemed to quench his curiosity of wanting to see an alligator – he talked about that alligator poop for 4days).

Daddy went back home to Georgia on Sunday while Mommy, Gramma and JT went on to stay at a hotel in Lake Mary for Sunday/Monday night so Mommy could spend a day each at the two call centers. This left Gramma and JT to their own devices during the day. Not sure what it is about hotels and kids – but 2min upon arrival and JT was already jumping on the bed. He thought it was cool to be up so high and able to see the hotel pool – he even got to see “ice rain”… a quick storm came through and brought some hail with it – so he thought that was pretty neat – we watched it from room window.501519124_2489b2fbc5_m

He helped Gramma with chores (laundry) and entertained himself in the hotel room most of day on Monday (because it was raining) – Monday afternoon he finally got to go swimming – then mommy came home and we went to visit and have dinner with her cousin Tristan (she’s currently attending UCF). JT was a little rough at dinner – obviously had hit his limit of cabin fever – he was acting up at dinner table, so we went back to hotel immediately after dinner and made it a fairly early night.

Tuesday while Mommy was at work – JT and Gramma went for some “little gym” time – a gym dedicated to toddlers – then they cruised the “Disney strip” – but JT fell asleep and didn’t get to see much of it – after touring Orlando by way of carseat – JT picked up Mommy and headed back to Georgia. We were supposed to stay another night and leave in morning, but decided JT had hit his limit on hotels – and the long ride home would be better for him if at night – that way he’d go ahead and sleep most of it. So we stopped and let him wear himself out for an hour or so at a playground and off we went. Luckily the interstate was not shut down and we were home and in our own beds by 3am!!! (on Sunday barry had to take a very LONG way home because both i75 and i10 were shut down due to visibility levels from the wildfires in north Florida and south Georgia).

Daddy in Salt Lake City, Gramma’s birthday, Mother’s Day in Ocala, and Hotels in Orlando… this started our month of May – it’s BOOKED SOLID. Saturday Mammy and Pap and two of Barry’s uncles come in to town – they’ll be going to the ATT Classic Golf Tournament on Sunday. Barry then heads to Boston on Monday – then Pap’s birthday then we’ve got a 3 day Memorial day weekend to work around the house. Then Barry and I are off to Albuquerque, New Mexico… for a getaway for TWO to celebrate Barry’s birthday!!! and JT gets a vacation of his own, spending a few days with Mammy and Pap – OH WOW !!!

June is starting to look just as busy…. Father’s Day, Aunt Karen’s Birthday… gardening, oh my!

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