I know i have not posted in a while, I do have lots of stories to share just not enough time to share them. Here’s a quick post of a few things going on lately with JT to hold you over (remember i’m an artist at heart, not an english major – so i all of my typos i refused to correct):

* “GEORGE!!!!” – this is screamed while running in a ‘charge’ stance and holding the straight piece of the vacuum cleaner. (we think he got this from Loony Tunes where Bugs and Yosemite Sam are CHARGING each other’s castles). He also asks for us to help him locate the vacuum pipe… “where’s my george?”
* WoomWoom – this is what he calls Star Wars and any time he wants to fight with anything that resembles a sword (its the sound light sabers make… wooom wooom)
* The movies in current rotation are Bambi, Beauty and The Beast, Apple Dumpling Gang (apple gang), Education of Little Tree (indian boy).
* Favorite books (currently read EVERY NIGHT) are Aladdin and Goodnight Moon
* He’s 85% potty trained (again, there’s a story here – it goes back to those two different outfits he was wearing at his cousin Tater’s birthday). He’s not had a pee-pee accident in quite some time and poop, well, he makes it to the bathroom (without telling anyone) and he poops – but making it in the toilet – he’s still working on that
* He tells Mommy and Daddy he loves them ALL THE TIME
* He loves group hugs with Mommy and Daddy
* He now actually uses the peddles on his big wheel and tractor
* He’s banned for a while from watching Indiana Jones and Star Wars, because we were starting to get notes from school that he was fighting his friends too much. He’s also only allowed limited sessions of sword fighting.
* He likes to ‘pet’ (his words, not ours) his cousin, ‘bootiful baby rea-rea’
* He likes to eat apples, bananas, pizza, chicken nuggets, french fries and cheerios (what he calls any cereal)
* We’ve made a point of eating at home more often, sitting as a family at the table – he seems to enjoy it and so do we. We’ve even begun eating breakfast at the table together. We also made our first homemade pizza together – he made his own mini pizza and ate the WHOLE THING
* He still enjoys a chocolate milk (actually it’s light chocolate soy milk) in a sippy cup every night and every morning
* He wears a diaper to bed at night but asks for his big boy pants as soon as he gets up in the morning
* Mommy and Daddy take turns tucking him in each night and reading him a book (though Daddy does it a bit more than Mommy cuz Daddy actually lays down with him after reading book – his bunkie bed is really low to the floor and not to nice on the adult back).
* He has a rotation of 5 classical and lullaby CDs in the radio in his room that he falls asleep to every night
* Gahmer (his name for Gramma) and he are “friends” (the do the American Sign Language sign for it).
* He knows if he goes to Gahmer’s he gets to watch TV and play with his best friend TINO (Gahmer’s 2lb brown poodle)
* He likes chickens and everything about them – even has an unusual fascination with eggs
* He has an enormous imagination – it’s truly amazing to watch him and listen to him make things up as he plays (his teachers at school have noticed this too)
* He likes to take a shower over a bath and takes a 20-30min shower every night, washes his own hair and body, turns off the shower when he’s done, grabs a towel and “flies” through the house
* He seems to have a strong desire to NOT own any shirts with nice clean sleeves
* He eats his boogers. When we tell him how yucky it is to eat boogers – he smiles and licks his finger as if he just ate a really good piece of fried chicken.
There’s much much more – maybe Daddy will take the time to add some more (hint-hint)…

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