Turtles and Planes and Lizards!

December 18, 2018 | | Post a Comment

Daddy had to go to Salt Lake City Utah this evening so before he went he took JT for a walk in the woods to see the TURTLE (he saw it in the woods the day before, i guess he assumes he’ll see it every time now). Daddy then finished packing and we took him to the airport. JT was so excited to see the airplanes, but unfortunately he fell asleep on the way there – we thought about waking him – but we were afraid he wouldn’t get a good nap in (and we all know he’s not a nice boy when he’s tired).

JT woke about halfway home from the airport and immediately asked where Daddy was – I said he was flying in a big airplane – JT was quiet – then looked out the window and saw an airplane waaaay up in the sky and then he said “THERE HE IS!”. He was then satisfied that Daddy was okay.

When we got home we hung around outside, Mommy was washing down the porch with the water hose – and then we saw him… THE BIGGEST LIZARD WE’VE EVER SEEN!! Look at him – he’s HUGE!! JT was fascinated with him – followed him all around the front yard until he ran away for good. Luckily Mommy got pics … JT now asks to see the SNAKE picture on Mommy’s computer (that’s how big that sucker was!!!!).

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