Sorry for not posting in a while, like always, we’ve been busy Busy BUSY!! Mommy’s been working on building the photography business, Daddy’s been holding down the fort and JT, well, he’s just been growing and Growing. His vocabulary is off the charts – he talks ALL THE TIME. When we do have an opportunity to get a word in, we are so speechless at what he just said that we miss our opportunity.

JT’s also very navigationally inclined – he knows every inch of town and every way to get around it – so if we make a turn that isn’t on the way to where we told him we we’re going we get an immediate “Where you goin?”, “Mommy, what you doin?”, or “Daddy, no turnin”. It only takes one trip somewhere and he’s got it in his head – as we drive by somewhere he’s only been ONE TIME, we hear “Park is that way Daddy!”. With all the commuting we do, this is all we need… a THIRD backseat DRIVER!!

We’re now gearing up for the Holidays… first up HALLOWEEN!!!!

Them SillySilers

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