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What Is the Best Breast Pump for the First Time Moms?

Being a mother, raising children with breast milk is the immeasurable happiness of many women. However, not all of us have enough milk or have many advantages to breastfeeding.

In those moments, a breast pump will be a magnificent support tool for mothers who have too little milk or too much milk. Recognizing that concern of users, in today’s article, let us find out the best breast pump through each purchase selection criteria, or you can visit the New Mom Plus to determine themselves the most appropriate product.

What is a breast pump?

The breast pump is a mother & baby healthcare device recommended by health professionals and a bottle of a sterilizer. The primary function of the machine is to suck the bottle from the mother’s breast but not cause discomfort in the chest area, especially for mothers with congestion. milk ray or too little milk.

Expert use of breast milk for babies?

Create a breastfeeding habit

Using a breast pump when combined with a bottle is considered a very effective solution for your baby to become more accustomed to breastfeeding, after a period getting used to breastfeeding, directly with your baby will become easier than ever.

And for now, the line of breast pumps are often lightweight, convenient handheld, and can support anti-reverse makes us easier to use.

Minimize occlusion of breast milk

The condition of some mothers often clogged milk rays is also happening. This causes the breast to build up, causing pain, tension, and discomfort. Or maybe the more serious blockage of the milk will cause the mother to be severely deprived or lose milk.

Therefore, when encountering this situation, mothers do not worry when they have bought a breast pump for themselves. All we need to do is use a breast pump to pump out the remaining breast milk from the breast. Especially, some breast pumps now include a massage system for the chest which makes it easier to remove the milk from the breast but also helps the user to be more comfortable.

Stock up on breast milk

If the mother has a lot of milk but the baby doesn’t finish the feeding, we can store that milk for the baby to use gradually. This is very easy. We only need to manipulate the breast pump for a few minutes to suck up that amount of repair to take care of it.

Not only that but sucking out the amount of milk left in the breast to take away storage also helps ensure the continuity of lactation activity in the mother’s body, because the biological mechanism in the human body will automatically reproduce and reproduces what it lacks.

Breast protection for mom

Breast pump from design to use is also easy, does not cause discomfort, pain when in use. This helps to minimize the protection to the chest area for women from sagging and keeping the inherent shape of the breast.

For some more advanced models will have very soft massage modes, along with the tip made of silicone material, which not only supports effective use but will also create a feeling of spreading. Quite a lot of wells for the user.

Care support is very convenient

As we all know, the responsibilities that women carry in their families are many, from taking care of children to cleaning and cooking. Taking care of children and breastfeeding them took a lot of time already. Therefore, if there are assistive devices it will help us reduce the time a lot.

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What breast pumps are popular today?

To help users better understand the breast pump product line and find the machine that suits them. Below we will talk briefly about the advantages and disadvantages of the breast pump types.

Best Electric Breast Pump

Single electric breast pump

First, the design of the single breast pump is neat, along with the mechanism of smooth operation and the ability to achieve high efficiency when the breast pump is removed in the breast, causing no discomfort. But also helps to stimulate the secretion of milk glands more than conventional vacuum pumps.

The advantage of the material is safe to use. Features a funnel-shaped silicone funnel, complete with massage mode. At the same time can stimulate the milk gland, high efficiency, very convenient and easy to use. The downside of this machine is not durable, but the price is expensive.

Double electric breast pump

For a double breast pump, they often design it to be easily held in the palm. Thanks to that, it is often chosen by mothers to go to work or travel, which can be easier to use.

The advantage of this model is that it has a safe design material not contaminated with Bisphenol A (BPA free). Features, compact, and smooth when pumping milk, can adjust the vacuum and suction cycle easily. It is also equipped with an LCD screen that helps monitor the display of suction levels and massage mode. The downside of this model is the highest price in all breast pump types.

Manual breast pump

The design of the manual breast pump looks unique and compact. With manual use of both holding and pumping according to the breastfeeding mechanism of the baby, they consider this manual breast pump a very smart and flexible product.

The advantage of this model is that it is cheap, suitable for everyone. They make all of safe PP plastic, featuring stimulating milk glands. The device will operate well, without creating uncomfortable pain, high durability, and easy cleaning. Cons will be difficult to use for beginners. Besides, the level of breastfeeding efficiency is not absolute.

Criteria when choosing the best breast pump

Identify the need to buy a device

The first thing is simply that users ask questions to determine their own needs. For example, how many does my budget cost to buy a product? Or your baby is on the stage with which machine? Double or single breast pump?

Depending on the needs of each person it varies. Hardly anyone can be like anyone. Therefore, such a question will know our needs well. And when you know your usage needs, you will know how to choose a suitable product for you.

The material of the breast pump

I also want to mention users because the product line is related to health, especially used for children. We need to pay special attention to whether the product is safe because many consumers now prefer cheap products as product cost is less.

So this does not guarantee safety and hygiene, or even counterproductive. Therefore, our advice is users should only use products from genuine manufacturers, certified for safety and hygiene.

Utility functions of the machine

Through research and reading, a lot of comments from those who have used breast pumps have shared. If you want to use a well-pumped breast pump, there must be features that come with force and speed change. This will help support the mother better during breastfeeding.

Also, for high-end models, there are more convenient support functions such as memorizing, reading, and continuing personal pumping to help you improve the experience completely.


Above are suggestions and share about breast pumps. Hopefully, with these suggestions, you will know which breast pump is best to get the most appropriate choice for you.